Friday, April 3, 2009

Pamela Anderson Designs Eco-Friendly Fashion Line

Pamela Anderson Fashion
Pamela Anderson, in town for ROCK Fashion Week, was due to attend. And lately you never know what you're gonna get with the former Baywatch babe.

Pamela Anderson Photo
Pamela Anderson has been an advocate for eco-friendly products for years now, so it only makes sense that she would help design an eco-friendly fashion line with good pal Richie Rich.

Pamela Anderson Fasion Photo
The animal rights activist and Rich, of fashion duo Heatherette, are collaborating on a line of leather-free shoes and casual clothes including hooded tops, skirts and swimwear for the new 'Muse' brand.

Pamela AndersonThe Muse designs were, for the most part, hip, fun, and young. Think flouncy skirts, low-rise jeans, and patterned hoodies. But some getups definitely crossed over to the Pammie side. One dress was so short the model actually had to modestly tug the hem down to cover her cheeks.

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